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Business Continuity Management Services Inc. provides an internationally recognized framework for ensuring the resilience of your business to threats and challenges that cripple unprepared businesses every year. Our approach ensures that key customers, your brand, reputation and key suppliers are maintained, as well as your long term survival.


Customers expect timely delivery of products and or services; let's start planning to meet those expectations. If there is a significant delay, and you are unable to fulfill your orders, customers may go to a competitor.



Failure to implement a preparedness program increases the risk of losing business to competitors who can demonstrate that they have an effective plan. Insurance is only a partial solution. It generally does not cover all losses and it will not replace customers.



Staff need to know what to do before the emergency. Walking through the plan ensures everyone knows their role and can effectively play their part in the continuation or recovery of your operation.

  • Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)Certified Business Continuity Professional.
  • DRI Certiifed BCP Instructor.
  • Over 15 years of experience, spanning many positions in the BCM industry.
  • First hand knowledge of the BCM’s requirements from a senior management perspective.
  • Conducted exercises for critical functions to ensure disaster readiness.
  • Worked with international companies in the BCM sector.

What are people saying?

Wendy Reid

Wendy Reid

The total package - everything from A to Z on disaster preparedness and management. They've thought of everything so that you need not be stressed. One of those occasions where two thumbs up are definitely not enough!!

Gale Weithers

Gale Weithers

Professional and knowledgeable staff efficiently help you to plan ahead as well as be prepared BEFORE a major disaster strikes. Excellent at managing down to the smallest detail to ensure continuity of any business. Definitely needed.

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